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Animalintex™ Poultice Pad

Item Number: 462-51
Our Price: $11.95

The Animalintex Poultice Pad can be used as a hot or cold wet poultice, or as a dry wound dressing. Indicated for use on horses and dogs.


Tragacanth 6.02g/pad, Boric Acid 2.08g/pad


Gently clean application area. Place poultice in clean, shallow container (plastic backing on top). For hot wet poultice, pour hot, potable water (38°C/100°F) around edges of poultice in container. For cold wet poultice, use cool, potable water. When saturated, gently squeeze out excess water. Position poultice (plastic backing away from animal); cover poultice completely with Bandaging Tape. Dry Wound Covering: Gently clean application area. Position poultice, plastic backing away from animal, and cover poultice completely with Bandaging Tape.