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Horse Owners Guide to Natural Hoof Care

Item Number: H716
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This is the new, updated and fully revised edition of Jaime Jackson's original and classic work on natural hoof care. Teaming with hundreds of exciting photographs, technical drawings, and interviews with horse owners and professional natural hoof care practitioners across the U.S. , this is the premier work on natural trimming and high performance barefooted horses.

Jackson invites horse owners, farriers, and vets from all equine disciplines to learn more about this unprecedented development in the horse world: genuine natural hoof care based on the most perfect hoof care model in the world – the wild horse hoof. “If you want your horse to be sound, live a long and full life, and be in possession of the best possible feet any of us could ever imagine, then join me in the greatest hoof care adventure of your life. Natural hoof care is where it's at..”

This Guide to Natural Hoof Care consists of eighteen action-packed chapters, a troubleshooting appendix to keep amateurs and professionals on track, and an extensive and invaluable resource section to get you or your professional armed with the right tools and equipment to make the jump into natural hoof care. Here's what you look forward to in this remarkable book:

• Riding barefoot horses – why and how to do it • Wild horse hoof model – what it is and how we use it • Trimming guidelines – complete step-by-step descriptions of how Jackson and other professional natural hoof care practitioners do it • Solving lameness issues through natural healing • Tools and equipment – a detailed guide to the proper instruments of the trade, and where to get them • Troubleshooter – avoid costly trimming mistakes and know how to correct them • Resources – open the door to locating and ordering tools and equipment, instructional videos, related books and learning guides, and training and certification programs for aspiring natural hoof care practitioners

Paperback, 319pp – 9.5x12