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Horseware® Ice-Vibe Boots

Item Number: DBHK8V
Our Price: $309.95

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Ice-Vibe does what ice can’t.

Ice-Vibe combines the effects of cooling and massage therapy to reduce soreness and swelling, help boost circulation and stimulate healing.

Tissue requires blood flow and oxygen to repair damage. Ice relieves pain, it doesn’t promote healing.

Cold packs reduce blood flow, slowing down inflammation whilst massage therapy improves circulation to allow oxygen to reach the tired and damaged tissue.


• On/Off button with automated timer. Therapy as and when you need it.
• Inner massage panel stimulates repair and supports bloodflow.
• Inner cold packs gently cool tissue to reduce swelling whilst allowing oxygen to be maintained to tired and damaged tissue.
• Non invasive & drug free therapy.
• Hot or cold circulation therapy allowing for a better recovery.
• Comfortable and portable. • Contoured to fit the lower leg. • Ice-Vibe® boots can be used on both front and hind legs. • Easy to use, first wrap the cold packs around the leg, then place the boots on top of them. • Stretchy pockets allow for easy insertion or removal of panels, and secure
• Velcro fastenings prevent slipping.
• Smooth outer to repel shavings.
• Beaded gel packs for optimal performance and fit.
• Includes: 2 boots, 2 ice packs, 2 panels, 1 charger

Sizes: Full (12" Height x 12" Width) or Extra Full (14" Height x 13" width)

*sizing is approximate